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William “Billy” Spiro

William “Billy” Spiro is a dedicated advocate for the rights of families impacted by disability. He grew up in Brooklyn and began his career on Wall Street in Investment Banking after graduating from Brooklyn College with a degree in economics. He became an executive with DLJ Securities Corp and retired from Credit Suisse Asset Management in 2015. Since then, Spiro has made it his mission to help families who have loved ones with disabilities receive the support they deserve. His experience as a parent of an autistic child led him to found White Rabbit Partners, where he helps other parents navigate the complex adult services and entitlements systems in New Jersey. Spiro’s own son has autism, and he has been involved with the special needs community for many years.

Billy’s son was on a waiting list for supportive housing for 14 years. Now, at 34, he lives in an apartment with a preschool friend who became his roommate in 2021.  He enjoys his life, attending a day program, playing vintage Nintendo games, listening to 60’s music and going on community outings.

Billy has testified before the New Jersey legislature on the need for greater housing supports for people with disabilities. He previously served on the board of Autism Speaks NJ,  and now sits on the board of PLAN|NJ.

“I am excited to have been invited to join the Board of PLAN|NJ,” said Billy. “I look forward to using the knowledge I have gained as a parent of a developmentally disabled adult, working my way through the system and now being in a position to help the numerous families in NJ who will be able to benefit from my knowledge.”

“We are delighted to have Billy’s participation and support as a member of the Board of Directors of PLAN|NJ. Billy is connected to many families who have children with disabilities and has already helped many families learn how PLAN|NJ’s services may benefit their loved ones,” said Ellen Nalven, Executive Director.

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"A Talk With Families"

The stories of three families with loved ones who have disabilities and who use PLAN|NJ's trust administration and care coordination services are told through interviews conducted in their homes by Executive Director Ellen Nalven.


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PLAN|NJ’s mission is to help family members of people with disabilities answer the question:

“Who will care for my loved one when I'm gone?”

We coordinate the supports needed by individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, and challenges with mental health, including people with autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, severe mental illness and more.

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