Our family highly recommends and wholeheartedly endorses PLAN|NJ

“Our family highly recommends and wholeheartedly endorses PLAN|NJ to anyone looking for help caring for and protecting a loved one with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our daughter is 17 years old and has IDD. Currently, she is safe and well cared for since she is home with us. However, we have grappled with a number of questions regarding our daughter’s future that have plagued and stressed us as parents and have such consequential implications for her. They include:

  • Who will keep an eye on our daughter to make sure she is well cared for and happy once we are no longer able? 
  • Who will visit with her to make sure she is fully engaged in the community doing the things she loves to do? 
  • Who will make sure the complicated Medicaid and DDD regulations and paperwork are adhered to and done correctly and in a timely manner so she doesn’t lose critical benefits? 
  • Who will check on our daughter in her future home, and make sure she is content with her housemates and staff? 
  • Who will be the executor of her special needs trust and her guardian if need be?
  • If every future plan we attempt to make for our daughter fails, what will be our fail-safe solution?

Fortunately, we found the answer to our questions in PLAN|NJ! We feel an incredible sense of relief and peace knowing that PLAN|NJ will act as a fiduciary for our daughter in practically any capacity we want. We enlisted PLAN|NJ to periodically visit our daughter to make sure she is well placed in her future home, and that she is happy, safe, and busy with the activities she loves. PLAN|NJ will do all the “heavy lifting” of fulfilling Medicaid and DDD requirements, so our extended family members can focus on being a loving family and doing fun activities with our daughter, without any onerous administrative burdens. Ultimately PLAN|NJ will be our fail-safe solution. We know that PLAN|NJ will take 100% responsibility for our daughter in her future life, looking out for her best interests, helping to facilitate a high quality of life, and honoring our many wishes for her, even if the world around her goes “off the rails.” 

What more could we want for our daughter?”


Bob Hage and Odette Adrian

We set a new course of action for the next five years

With our son at the table, we recently gathered the whole family and reevaluated many aspects of the plan that directs his lifestyle….

We would like to sincerely thank PLAN|NJ

We would like to sincerely thank PLAN|NJ for everything — your services, your help and your caring….

Each small change presents a new adjustment

Each small change in my son’s health presents a new adjustment that we all must make: a new exercise protocol, a new doctor, a new work environment or residential program….

Top 7 Reasons to Choose PLAN|NJ – One parent’s view:

TRUST You can unequivocally trust the staff at PLAN|NJ to care about your loved one as if they were a member of their own family (which they figuratively become when you choose PLAN|NJ)…


“We rest easier knowing there is a comprehensive plan in place for our daughter that will assist others in guiding her day-to-day life, as well as her long-term stability and well-being, when we are no longer here.”


“I have a true appreciation for PLAN|NJ because in view of COVID-19 and all of the shut downs and quarantines, PLAN|NJ has continued steady operations throughout the pandemic.”



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One in four adults in the United States lives with an intellectual,

developmental, or physical disability or a mental health challenge. 


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PLAN|NJ’s mission is to help families of individuals with disabilities answer all of the challenging questions embedded within the larger one: “Who will care for my loved one when I am gone?”

We coordinate the supports needed by individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, and challenges with mental health, including people with autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, severe mental illness and more.